everything is perfect [2015]

by theory

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everything is perfect
i mean we're here and we're breathing
so not believing that makes it worthless
we've been given the vision to watch the earth spin
any direction that we give it is what it bursts in

first we live, learn it and then rehearse it
when it hurts, burn it with your inert gift
keep the fire going, the secrets that i am knowing
are shared amongst us, our minds are flowing

all together in one motion seeking that one notion
that we'll all fit in as time approaches
the checkpoint of its next mission
listen for direct wisdom and check rhythms

the momentum of dead winter or summer's the same
we ain't got nothing to blame, it's just a numbers game
no more fightin for a buck and change
got us doing somethin strange
hoping we get better as we come of age

we stuck getting underpaid
but don't throw your luck away, giddy up and play
im sitting taking in the lyrics of marvin gaye
let your conscience be your guide and you'll find a way

what's going on in your mind today?
how do you hide the pain?
how do you fly when inside the rain?
i get tired of playin
so at times i just hide away
peace and quiet and my fireplace

entirely safe
just tryin ta write a rhyme that i might embrace
open wide for the medicine they try to make
everybody take and they say it's an acquired taste

you'll see it but you gotta keep your eyes awake
in this life you either gotta fight or race
and our place in history is planned
if we stand up and listen then dismiss 'em with our candour

we just gotta band together for the better of the planet
and remember
everything is perfect


released March 15, 2015



all rights reserved


theory Melbourne, Australia

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